Wrinkle Resistant



CAN. Airdate:

February 19th, 2011

U.S. Airdate:

July 19th, 2011


Micheal Decsi


Joey So


The Troublemeyers set out to spend the day with Trevor’s elderly grandfather and Eric tags along to witness how a normal family functions. Grandfather Troublemeyer may seem sweet and kind when he is sleeping, but he is entirely evil and proud of it. Mr. Troublemeyer is constantly criticized by his own father, who sees him as a failure and does not approve of Trevor being raised as a goody-two-shoes. Grandfather Troublemeyer plans to steer his grandson on to the path of evil. Mr. Troublemeyer does his best to protect his son and keep Eric or anybody else from finding out about the Troublemeyers’ troublesome and dark history.

Written by Dan Williams and Lienne Sawatsky



  • “Trevor my boy, come over to the dark side … of the room and give your gramps a hug.” – Grandpa Troublemeyer.
  • “Dad, stop trying to make Trevor evil.” – Mr. Troublemeyer
  • “Push the button, EMBRACE THE DARKNESS! (maniacal laughter) … Come on, it will be fun.” – Grandpa Troublemeyer


  • It is revealed that Mr. Troublemeyer and Grandfather Troublemeyer used to live on the evil side of town.
  • The evil side of town's background is the same destoyed background of Splitsboro from the episode A Monster Headache.
  • This is the fourth and final episode in the series where neither Kitty or Vana had appeared, brief appearance nor mention, making this season the only season where Vana and Kitty were absent in four episodes.
  • This is last episode that Eric, Trevor and Mr. Troublemeyer have appeared, before the second season of Sidekick.
  • This is the second segment, first season finale episode.




Sidekick Episode 26b - Wrinkle Resistant

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