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Vana Glama is one of the main characters of the show and is the toughest one. She serves as one of Eric's love interests. As a result, she often tortures Eric and hates him for no apparent reason, making her the show's anti-hero.


Vana has long red hair. She dons a short-sleeved pink dress with a lighter stripe, a pink headband and pink earrings. She also wears white knee-length socks alongside pink shoes. Her outfits are mostly feminine colors.


Vana is a self-absorbed, narcissistic, hyper-ambitious primadonna who’s not easily impressed and is fully shallow. She can lose her temper very quickly and will often lash out on Eric or Trevor.

Relationships with other Characters

Eric Needles

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Vana generally dislikes Eric, but Eric has had a huge crush on Vana. She has become more accepting of him during later episodes but not to a particularly great extent. Eric is now going out with Mandy.

Kitty Ko

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Kitty is Vana's best friend, but Vana usually treats Kitty like a lowly servant.

Trevor Troublemeyer

Vana gets along well with Trevor, mainly because she is the only Sidekick who laughs at his jokes (usually because she does not understand them). They are both cheerful, fun-loving people, although Vana is more mature and focused than Trevor. Vana and Trevor are family to each other and seem to have a solid bond of trust between them. He often looks to Vana for comfort.

Allan Amazing

Vana first meets Allan in the episode News at 11AM and is instantly enamored, and after Eric gives his news story,  Allan is seen holding Vana back upon her trying to pummel Eric. Their second interaction is in the Episode The Show Must Go On, where Eric, gets the lead in the school production of MacBlast both are stunned when Allan discovers he is Eric's understudy, when Eric quits, Vana and Allan are both seen enamourously flirting, and Eric then announces he's back in the play.


  • According to the official website, Vana likes photography, clothes, learning, and herself.
  • According to the official website, Vana dislikes learning people’s names.
  • Vana is voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills, who also voices Lindsay and Katie from the Total Drama series, Kristen from 6teen, and Serenity Zilla from My Dad the Rock Star.
  • In Maxum Man Mark 2, Vana is able to make her feet form a fist when she kicks butt.
  • In My Brother, My Pimple, we learn that Vana never gets pimples cause she has a team of scientists working around the clock to make sure she's flawless.
  • She is shown to be very strong as she easily defeated Trevor at arm-wrestling and she can lift Dark Matter with her mouth.
  • In I, Sidebot, Vana grows muscles resulting she released her true sidekick-self.
  • In Those Who Can't Teach, her eye color is pink.
  • In Sleepless In Splitsboro, it is revealed that Vana's nightmare is her ironing clothes, and her nicest dream is being Mayor Swift's successor as mayor.
  • According to some fans, Vana is 12. However, according to Todd Kauffman, she is 13.
  • Based on her first (which rhymes with "Vânia" or "Vanda"). and last name (which rhymes with "Gama"), she could be Portuguese or of a Portuguese descent. However, it is still up to debate by the fans as some say her name is a pun on "fan of glamour".
  • In the episode "Hullaballoo", she has a super big sister named Savanah and they doesn't get along well.
  • Vana's appearance is similar to Daphne Blake's younger counterpart from Hanna-Barbera's A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.
  • She knows exactly how to whistle as seen in Oh Trevor Where Art Thou?


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