Because of what RaiderZ revealed, something got me thinking. What if they make a Sidekick movie set some time after Graduation Dazed?


Recently, the main sidekicks' assignments are just single challenges. After the latest "assignment" they realize that they have been expelled, and nobody told them! Eric, Trevor, Kitty, and Vana then get chased by a robot that is hunting for uneducated sidekicks. Once they lose it (with help from Maxum Brain and Pamplemoose), they set out to find Maxum Man. Eric just wants him to fork out an explanation to why he was just randomly selected.


(during a car chase) Pamplemoose: We are all doomed! And you kids just have to spill the beans on 'the head superhero'!

Vana: Don't worry, I'll just call my parents and we'll be rid of that robot in no time.

Pamplemoose: You don't understand! None of you can get help from your respective hero, EVER AGAIN!

Vana: What are you talking about?

Pamplemoose: None of you are really what you think you are.

Trevor: Huh, I don't know what he's saying.

Eric: Are you saying that I am not human?

Maxum Brain: What he meant to say is that you four are fakes! Cheaply enrolled. You along with most of the other Sidekick Academy students are just randomly selected, just to fill the empty desks. A school can't be proper if a single desk is empty during class.

Eric (shocked): Maxum Man is still missing, and I'm actually not a real sidekick?

All but Erick: What! (cue crash. The rolling kind that is)

That's the best I can think of.

I think their character flaws prove that the four are not real Sidekicks. Think about it, how many times have you seen the girls respective hero? How many Sidekicks have a desire to destroy schools? And how many sidekicks have a hero that went missing just before he/she shows up at his/her new home?

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