Okay, I've been noticing this site for awhile and I got to say...IT'S GETTING RIDICULOUS!!!!! Look, I am not trying to be mean or anything and I am sorry losing my temper for a split second. But listen you guys, we need to work together in order to make this site better, so we need to edit more and more pages around here. And, if there's anyone who wrote something grammar-ly incorrect or something like that, please fix it, if there's anyone who is an expert on grammar. And we need to get more HQ pics for the pages and i don't want pics taken from the T.V. Those are the kinds of pics that I DO NOT approve of. And please don't post up fan made pics on ANY pages, except on user's profile pages. So please, follow these rules okay? Because, together, we can make site better.

Oh and I have something to say to AlitheSidekickHD. Ali, if you are reading this, PLEASE put your fan fiction stories on your profile page or something? And please put the page for "Edward Berkowitz" on your profile page? I mean, you just don't know if your character will ever make it on Sidekick. I am not trying to be mean to you and I know you're a good editor and everything, but PLEASE for your sake, just put it on your profile page, because I've noticed that somebody is ruining your character's page, just because your character is not on Sidekick. So if you want to avoid this kind of harassment, PLEASE put it onto your profile page.

Well, that's pretty much for my blog. So, if there's anyone who is reading this, please follow these rules. Because, like I said, Together, we can make this site better! Codykins 15:57, August 11, 2011 (UTC)

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