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  • I live in The Park
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is A student
  • I am A crazy female

Hello, lil-mizz-krazie here! I'm not really a fan of this show yet but I know enough to help this wiki out. With my experience from TD Wiki, I think I know how the general editing thing goes and will try my best to make this wiki awesome! I'm a little confused on some aspects of this series but I hope some of you guys will help make my edits make more sense and expand on them.

EDIT: Guys, please stop commenting me, I'm not on here that much because I don't care for the show, I (re)found a much better show about a ghost-powered teenager. Sure it's full of stupid puns but it's funny, actiony, and has quite a bit of love <3 so... leave me alone, I am NOT into Sidekick. Before I go: if you guys want this wiki to succeed, you guys have to work together (That means Codykins and Markmossing should stop fighting). You guys became a little depentant on me to fix everything, I'm not a fixer, I'mnot experienced in this, I'm only a teenager.

Just remember, post the general perseption of a character, not yours and don't make pages on every one-shot/minor character. This is Krazie, signing off Lil-mizz-krazie Flaming bed sheets of DEATH!! (You get a cookie if you know what show and episode my sig is from, BTW)

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