The episode begins with another video lesson from Maxum Man. In the video, Maxum Man, along with Golly Gee Kid shoveling radioactive substances into an oven, explains the process of working at Swellburger. After explaining Golly Gee Kid accidentally drops the radioactive material and grows big, stating he's "okay" just before exploding. Maxum Man simply clears his throat and continues with the lesson and states that as a Swellburger Employee he asks for their loyalty, responsibility, and 10% of whatever the earn, to which Golly Gee Kid obeys and drops a tiny pile of coins into Maxum Man's palm. He then leaps into an enourmous pile of gold coins and jewels and swims through it, gloating in self-indulgence. The video ends and cuts to a scene with Eric and Trevor in the kitchen of Swellburger. Trevor asks Eric in disbelief if Maxum Man is making him work, to which he answers that Swellburger enterprises are forcing him to work. Trevor then asks why he has to work along with Eric and explains that he fears the word "work". Eric again explains that because he's his best friend he has to. Sammy, the manager of Swellburger enters the scene and discusses working at the resturaunt. In multiple scenes Sammy shows them how grilling the burgers, cooking the fries, and making milkshakes with the Swelly Machine work. Trevor reaches for the made milkshake, desiring one, but Sammy slaps his hand away and forces Eric and Trevor to clean the floor. While cleaning Trevor questions why Eric has the mop, to much aversion of the sponge he was cleaning with. Eric arrogantly responds that he is Maxum Man's sidekick so he gets to use the mop, which uspets Trevor and creates a scuffle between the two, fighting over the mop. It electrocutes both them along with Sammy after the fight, angering Sammy with a questing referring how they got into the Splitsburro Sidekick Academy. Trevor replies that no other school would take him, not even homeschool, while Eric replies that he got in just because. Sammy becomes more furious and walks off with the Swelly machine, claiming to himself that the two will be getting "something", to which the two think it was a raise. In the next scene, Eric works at the cash register as Trevor works in the kitchen. To much chagrin, Vana shows up and laughs at his expense while Kitty apologizes and says that she promised she's take Vana and compliments him on how he looked in his uniform. Surprisingly Eric agrees with Kitty and adds it makes him feel like a dirty, used glove. Sammy shows up once again and asks him if Vana and Kitty were his friends. Kitty answers she's more of a soulmate than a friend, which leads to another "What?" "What?" moment. Sammy then asks if they would like a milkshake. Vana asks if Trevor has touched them, which shows a scene with Trevor wrestling a burger ad then eating it off of the floor. Sammy replies that mere workers aren't even allowed to look at the Swelly Machine, to which Vana accepts. Free milkshakes are given out to all the customers, which suspiciously drains the energy from them as they drank them. Back in the kitchen, Eric and Trevor had claimed they cleaned out the greasy grill, finishing their work for the day. They walk back into the dining area, preparing to leave the closing store, noticing that everyone is still around. Eric and Trevor meet up with Kitty and Vana, who look rather un-lively and weary. Eric asks what is everyone still doing in the resturaunt and that's it's closing time and time to go home. Kitty groans "Where do I live?" and points to a trash can and asks if she lives there.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to "Super Size Me."
  • At the end when Eric returns everybody minds Trevor got Kitty's voice and her personality (her tech expertise), Vana got Trevor's voice and his personality (to destroy the school) and Kitty got Vana's voice and her personality (urges to pummel Eric).


Sidekick Episode 20b - Stupor-ize Me

Sidekick Episode 20b - Stupor-ize Me