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Static Clint is the 9th Best Static-Based Super, and makes his first appearance in "This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes" when he and his father cause a time-loop when they fight.


Clint is a middle-aged man, with blue skin, a bit of a pot-belly, glasses, and is bald.


Put simply, Clint is a loser. He is lazy, underachieving, lacks confidence, and gets depressed easily. This is most likely due to his age and his mid-life crisis, though he is able to gain some self-respect and confidence with Eric and Trevor's help in "The Spark is Gone".


Clint's powers are based on static electrcity. He generates his power through rubbing his sock-covered feet on a rug that he carries with him. This allows him to store the energy in his body and in the glass ball he wears on his head, and with this energy can travel at super fast speeds and break down forcefields. Also, when combined with Time-Altering powers, Static Clint can cause a Time-Loop (much like how alarm clocks reset when the power goes out in a home).



The Clock Puncher is Static Clint's father.

Love Life

Static Clint is currently dating Uni-Cyclops as of "The Spark is Gone".

Episode Appearances


  • Static Clint is possibly based on the Marvel comics super villain, Electro, who also has electric powers and also has "lightning bolt" decorations on his head.