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CAN. Airdate

November 13th, 2010

USA. Airdate

June 28th, 2011


Michael Decsi


Joey So

Storyboard Artist(s)

Paul Watling


Richard Clark


The Redecorator


Eric Squared


Internal Affairs


The episode opens with "Sidekick Lesson #523," titled "Classy Maxum." In this short, Maxum Man declares that to be a superhero, you needed to have style, which is why he hired a top-notch decorator. After disagreeing with the decorator's ideas, Maxum Man re-styles his own home while the decorator exacted revenge. The video ends. In the classroom, Vana says that no one can teach her about style and pulled out her new "video-phone" which was especially designed to send "squeaks" on "Squawker". After sending out a "squeak," Vana confronts Eric, and asks why Maxum Man isn't on "Squawker." A nervous Eric then informs his whole class that Maxum Man is going to open up a "Squawker" account that afternoon.

In the Maxum Mansion, Maxum Brain tells Eric that he can make him look like Maxum Man each time he sends "squeaks." However, while Eric looks like Maxum Man each time he sends a "squeak," Trevor looks like a villain.

Later, at a fast food restaurant, Vana asks Eric when Maxum Man is going to send out a "squeak." Quickly, Eric pulls Trevor into the janitor's closet, and then uses the device that Maxum Brain gave him to pose as Maxum Man. Slowly, Vana becomes jealous of Maxum Man, noting how he is receiving more attention than her.

Later again in the Maxum Mansion, Eric proclaims that he is tired of lying and deceiving people, but Trevor convinces him to send out another "squeak." Eric then asks Maxum Brain which villains are left, and Eric chooses "The Recorator." The real Recorator then sees the "squeak," and becomes enraged. Eric leaves the mansion to tell The Recorator that it was all a misunderstanding. In the middle of their verbal battle, Vana sends out another "squeak," showing her followers her room. The Recorator, outraged by Vana's fashion style, proclaims that Maxum Man can wait, and instead heads over to Vana's house. Eric and Trevor find out and run over to save Vana, but instead, they find out that Vana and The Decorator are cooperating to design Vana's new bedroom. The episode ends with all the supervillains that Eric "defeated" staring down angrily Eric and Trevor at the Maxum Mansion.




  • This episode was written by Richard Clark.
  • The "Squawk" logo in the episode title parodies the Twitter logo. Both of their colors are blue and white, and both have some sort of bird in their logo.
  • Trevor mentions "Wastebook" near the end of the episode, parodying Facebook.





Sidekick Episode 12b - Squawk