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Slime Spree
Slime Spree

CAN. Airdate:

October 30th, 2010

USA. Airdate:

June 24th, 2011


Michael Décsi


Joey So

Storyboard Artist(s):

Sahle Robinson


Shawn Kalb


The Spore Alien Mother


Like Supervillain, Like Son

Paired with:

The Short List


Eric gets a school assignment to take care of a alien spore. After the assignment is finished they have to return the alien spores because if they don't the alien's mother will come to Earth to destroy them. They are also not supposed to feed them junk food. When Eric starts to bond with his new pet, he decides that he wants to keep him and doesn't return him (he turns in a slimey basketball instead). But the alien has found Trevor's junk food and has become enormous. Eric later finds out that the alien mother is coming to Earth for her baby. Also she is on a collision course towards Splitsboro. They must return the spore before she crashes into the Earth In the end,when they return the baby back to it's mother,it's rocket exploded, killing it and it's mother. Trevor,Vana & Kitty were shocked about this.


  • There is a refrence to Hannah-Barbera's character Muttley, when Maxum Mutt starts to imitate his famous laugh in one scene.


Sidekick Episode 10a - Slime Spree

Sidekick Episode 10a - Slime Spree