Sidekick Wiki

The following are general guidelines to follow to make this wiki a safe place. Any questions? Visit a superhero by looking at the Wall of Justice. EXCEPT FOR RULES 2, 3, 4 AND 8, SUPERVILLAINS WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE.

Note: Rules may subject to change without prior notice.

  1. No bad language, spamming, bullying, pornography or vandalism. This should be a kid-friendly site as the show is targeted for young kids. Supervillains (violators) will be brought to justice (blocked) for a reasonable amount of time or if excessive, indefinite. Fanfiction with bad language or mature subject matter should be added with a content warning and should only be on blogs. Any threats, inappropriate profiles or suspicious activity must be reported to a superhero.
  2. Don't use false information when editing. Otherwise it'll trick our readers! We have to send you a friendly reminder. Unlike many wikias, there are no consequences and penalties.
  3. Pages with conflicting information should be marked with this template If you don't provide references when needed (e.g. a trivia statement) but believed to be true may add this template to an article.
  4. Use English when editing. This wiki is English only. We will contact a sidekick who speaks at a different language to contribute on future wiki counterparts. Use proper spelling and grammar. We will translate anything that is an non-English language. No problem!
  5. Ask a superhero if you need help. Local superheroes can be located at Special:Listadmins. Go on one of the superheroes' message wall and contact them.
  6. Can I share some fanon? Fan fiction is only accepted on blog posts, message walls, user pages and any other means of socializing on the wiki. Don't add fanon to articles as it will confuse readers.
  7. Do not edit abusively to get badges. We are all working to build the wiki and not just to get badges. Bad faith edits are not fair to other sidekicks who worked hard to earn badges. Supervillains will be brought to justice (blocked), thus removing achievements from that supervillian.
  8. Reference when needed. Reference when needed such as a trivia statement relating to real life. There is no penalty or consequence if you don't provide references, you will receive a friendly reminder on your talk page.
  9. Promotions are earned. Ask a superhero if you feel you deserve a promotion and he/she will check to see if you are eligible.
  10. Please don't edit a superhero/sidekick/civilian's user page. It is considered bad etiquette. Exceptions are fixing internal links, when a page has been moved or deleted, fixing broken external links, categorizing or fixing categories of superhero/sidekick/civilian pages, or when you place the blocked message on a blocked sidekick/civilian's user page but only if you're a superhero. If you want to add a userbox to a superhero and sidekick, you must ask them for permission first before you add them unless a sidekick/civilian/superhero is inactive.
  11. If you want to be unblocked, write an apology message that you should never do supervillian things ever again. This is only for those who didn't deserve to get blocked.
  12. Have fun and be a good sidekick!