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Note: This is a work in progress project. Any changes will be made without further notice.
This page will be considered incomplete until superheroes pass it off as finished.

Article structure is an ever-evolving process here on Sidekick Wiki. This will cover the basics on making neat articles and article style. Articles that do not meet these requirements will be marked for cleanup.


  • Articles should use proper spelling, language structure and punctuation. This means text that incorporates Wingdings font, emojis and other illegible text should not be put in an article.
    • Articles should use English.
  • Articles should be written from a neutral point of view. Pointing out features of the topic of the article is encouraged, but using sentences such as "this robot is one of the worst ones because..." is not.
  • Images should be placed with a suitable size that "fits in" with the article. For example, placing a very large image that gets in the way of the text would not be acceptable.


Categories should be clear, concise to the point when they are unambiguous and fit with previously added categories. When making new categories, try to have good judgement on what categories should exist. Categories shouldn't be added for every single aspect of an article or brief events unless it's significant.


Trivia should and always be significant and interesting facts about the article that may not be apparent, cultural references or behind-the-scenes information.

What trivia is not:

  • Trivia is not obvious facts.
  • Trivia is not fan-fiction.
  • Trivia is not "Eric returns in this episode" and et cetera.
  • Trivia is not "This character has similarities to <place character(s) with a similar personality from another show here>" and such.

Character Articles

General Requirements

  • At least one image.
  • A gallery.
  • Main information describing the character.
  • A character infobox.

Recommended Order of sections

  1. Lead section (No heading): Rough overview of information and history in one short paragraph.
  2. Appearance: Description of the appearance of the character.
  3. Personality: Description of the character's personality.
  4. History: Summarized information about the character's history.
  5. Relationships with other Characters: Information about divided into paragraphs for each character (marked with heading 3) he/she had a significant relationship with.
  6. Trivia: Unique information about the character such as goofs, hidden attributes, unapparent information, or behind-the-scenes content. Each trivia statement is marked with an asterisk (*).
  7. Gallery: A gallery of images relevant to the character.

Episode Articles

General Requirements

  • Episode infobox
  • Information explaining the episode.
  • An image of the title card of the episode
  • A video (if possible).
  • A gallery.

Location Articles

General Requirements

  • At least one relevant image
  • A description

Recommended Order of sections

  1. Lead section (No heading): Rough overview of information and history in one short paragraph.
  2. Trivia: Unique information about the location. Each trivia statement is marked with an asterisk (*).


General Requirements

  • Use clean, clear and high quality images of the item, group, episode or character. An image of a well-known shot of the latter should be put in their infobox.
  • Due to copyright reasons, watermarked images are not encouraged, unless it's from the owning company or channel.
  • Official images are highly encouraged.