The first season of Sidekick premiered on September 3, 2010 and ended on February 19, 2011. It contains 26 episodes.


Episode # Title[1] Original air date[1] Prod. Code
1 "Maxum Man Mark Two / To Party Perchance To Party" September 3, 2010 101
Maxum Man Mark Two: While trying to clone Trevor's hamster, Eric and Trevor end up with a half-human, half-hamster monster.

To Party Perchance To Party: Eric and Trevor try to crash Vana's party.

2 "Gone Gaga / Like Supervillan Like Son" September 4, 2010 102
Gone Gaga: Eric's supergoggles make everyone love him.

Like Supervillan Like Son: Community Service Day goes horribly wrong.

3 "A Monster Headache / Days of Golly" September 11, 2010 103
A Monster Headache: Trevor's project turns Professor Pampelmoose into a plant monster.

Days of Golly: Golly Gee Kid wants to relive his Sidekick days.

4 "Ain't No Party Like a Maxum Brain Party / Hello Dolly" September 18, 2010 104
Ain't No Party Like a Maxum Brain Party: Trevor gives Maxum Brain a virus.

Hello Dolly: Eric finds out he is the most famous sidekick in the world.

5 "The Amazing Super Chores / Maxum Mom" September 25, 2010 105
The Amazing Super Chores: Eric fails at his super-chores.

Maxum Mom: Maxum Man's mom comes for a visit.

6 "Moustachesquatch / The Endless Summer" October 2, 2010 106
Moustachesquatch: A curse turns Eric into a moustache-monster.

The Endless Summer: Eric, Trevor and his dad hit the road.

7 "Identity Crisis / Fart of Darkness" October 9, 2010 107
Identity Crisis: Eric wonders what kind of super hero he should be.

Fart of Darkness: Eric and Trevor are sent back to super-preschool.

8 "The Bogey Man / Crudburger" October 16, 2010 108
The Bogey Man: The kids cooperate to defeat an evil golfer.

Crudburger: Eric and Trevor go to the evil side of town for a forbidden hamburger.

9 "The Henchman Challenge / Family Fun Day" October 23, 2010 109
The Henchman Challenge: Eric competes against the evil Henchmen.

Family Fun Day: Eric and Trevor compete at the family fun day.

10 "Slime Spree / The Short List" October 30, 2010 110
Slime Spree: Eric cares for an alien spore.

The Short List: It is revealed Vana was originally chosen to be Maxum Man's sidekick.

11 "This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes / Halloweenie" November 6, 2010 111
This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes: A time loop forces Eric to live the same day over and over again.

Halloweenie: An evil wizard with a grudge against Maxum Man casts a spell that gives everyone who is dressed as Maxum Man for Halloween his powers, but it causes total chaos.

12 "Eric Squared / Squawk" November 13, 2010 112
Eric Squared: Eric and Trevor travel in different dimensions.

Squawk: Eric pretends to be Maxumman.

13 "Internal Affairs / Virtual Mayhem" November 20, 2010 113
Internal Affairs: Vana, Kitty and Trevor try to stop Master XOX from inside of Eric.

Virtual Mayhem: Master XOX uses a videogame to steal stuff.

14 "The Maxum Switch-eroo / Sleepless in Splittsboro" November 27, 2010 114
The Maxum Switch-eroo: Someone poses as Maxum Man.

Sleepless in Splitsboro: A villain invades the gang's dreams.

15 "Everybody is Side-Fu Fighting / Comic Book Zombies" December 4, 2010 115
Everbody is Side-Fu Fighting: Eric, Kitty, Vana and Trevor learn side-fu.

Comic Book Zombies: A villain wants to add Eric and Trevor to his collection.

16 "Beneath the Missile-Toe / Ice to Know You" December 11, 2010 116
Beneath the Missile-Toe: The gang ruins Christmas.

Ice to Know You: Eric uses a machine to make it cold but it backfires.

17 "Ye Old Sidekick Village / News at 11AM" December 18, 2010 117
Ye Old Sidekick Village: The gang goes on a field trip to an old western ghost town where a technology-hating villain holds them prisoner.

News at 11AM: The gang joins the news club, and Eric becomes jealous of the new reporter.

18 "Suit of Harms / Escape from Razzuma-traz" December 25, 2010 118
Suit of Harms: The gang are given safe suits and they can't defeat Master XOX because of it.

Escape from Razzuma-traz: The gang must pass a test after a new teacher threatens to blast them into space.

19 "Gloves of the Run / Drop the Needles" January 1, 2011 119
Gloves of the Run: Eric gets super gloves and gets popular with them.

Drop the Needles: Eric challenges the new kid to a "DJ battle".

20 "Match Dot Com / Stupor-ize Me" January 8, 2011 120
Match Dot Com (The Perfect Match on CBBC): Eric meets a girl and Kitty gets jealous.

Stupor-ize Me: Eric and Trevor get jobs at Swell Burger.

21 "Teenage Mummies in Love / Henchman for a Day" January 15, 2011 121
Teenage Mummies in Love: Teen heartthrob, Joshua Sideburns, is shooing a movie in Splittsboro.

Henchman for a Day: Eric goes to the bad side of town for the student exchange program.

22 "The Show Must Go On / Pamplemoose and Son" January 22, 2011 122
The Show Must Go On: Eric is determined to stay alive so that he can kiss Vana during the school play.

Pamplemoose and Son: Eric turns out to be Pamplemoose's son.

23 "Little Orphan Eric / Lights, Camera, Sidekick Action" January 29, 2011 123
Little Orphan Eric: Eric returns to the orphanage.

Lights, Camera, Sidekick Action: Eric competes with Alan Amazing.

24 "Shopping Spree / The Spark is Gone" February 5, 2011 124
Shopping Spree: Eric and Maxum Mom go shopping at Supers R' Us.

The Spark is Gone: Eric and Trevor get stuck with Static Clint on Shadow a Super Day.

25 "Four's a Crowd / Super Frenemies" February 12, 2011 125
Four's a Crowd: Splittsboro is destroyed and only our sidekicks remain

Super Frenemies: Eric dumps Trevor as his best friend.

26 "Maxum Brain, Interrupted / Wrinkle Resistant" February 19, 2011 126
Maxum Brain, Interrupted: Maxum Brain quits the mansion.

Wrinkle Resistant: Trevor's grandfather tries to turn him evil.