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Maxum Man Mark 2 is the first episode of season one of Sidekick. It is the first episode overall.


Eric and Trevor create a clone of Maxum Man to cover up for his absence but Maxum Man's clone turns out being a hamster like version of himself. Trevor likes it so much, that he takes it to school with him where it escapes and causes chaos all over the school.


The episode begins with Eric Needles trying to escape the Maxum Mansion, avoiding an army of Maxum Robots and laser sensors. Just before making it to the front door, Eric trips over his own feet and is captured by Maxum Brain, who only wanted to speak to him. Eric is relieved, worried that Maxum Brain wanted him to clean up or attend to other sidekick duties, i.e. work. 

Maxum Brain tells Eric that the mansion is a mess after Maxum Man left, and it was Eric's responsibility to clean it up. After a few seconds of dusting, Eric says that Maxum Man would never clean up after himself, so he must had someone to do it for him. After looking through Maxum Man's database, he finds someone named Man Maid and gives him a call, asking if he would come and clean the mansion. Man Maid explodes with anger about how Maxum Man would dare to ask him to clean after him after what happened last time, and Eric quickly hangs up. Maxum Brain explains that Maxum Man didn't leave Man Maid a tip for cleaning the mansion after Maxum Man's battle with Enzyme-Ellis, which has caused Maxum Man and Man Maid to be archenemies.

Briefly after, Trevor enters the scene from under Eric and cries that his pet hamster, Captian Bicep Deathwish, is missing and all he left was a note, the note being a pile of hamster poop. Trevor replies that it's not poop, it's just how he says "I love you" from his butt. Trevor then starts to cry profusely, and Eric uses Trevor as an excuse to get out of cleaning the mansion. Eric shows Trevor the Clone Ranger, a cloning chamber, and uses Trevor's hamster's poop to clone him a new Captain Bicep, but instead of a hamster, a Maxum Man/Hamster hybrid steps out of the Clone Ranger mumbling incoherently. When Eric asks how this happened, Maxum Brain explains that because the dust inside the Clone Ranger is 90% dead skin, some of Maxum Man's DNA must have gotten inside the Clone Ranger because Eric refused to clean the mansion. It appears that while looking exactly like Maxum Man (aside from the face), this Maxum Hamster also has many of the same powers as the real Maxum Man. This is seen when Maxum Hamster's running wheel exploded while he was running on it.

Shortly after, Eric and Trevor walking to the Sidekick Academy, unknowingly with Man Maid spying on them from a distance, and a Maxum Hamster stuffed uncomfortably inside Trevor's backpack. When they get to the classroom, Professor Pampelmoose sarcastically said how good it is for them to join the class. Eric gives Pamplemoose a fake excuse note, saying he was out saving the city with Maxum Man and takes his seat. Pamplemoose then notices says how strange it was for Maxum Man's signature changes everytime, and Eric lied, replying that it's so no one can forge it. Pamplemoose buys it. A moment after, Kitty and Vana appear. Vana says that no one has ever seen Eric and Maxum Man in the same place at once, impling that Eric was either simply lying about saving the day with him, or that he's making up the fact that he's Maxum Man's sidekick. Kitty defends Eric by saying Maxum Man was Eric's best man at she and Eric's wedding, which was just a dream as Vana points out, which reveals the first of sign of Kitty's crush on Eric. Vana was still suspicious and vowed to find out what Eric was hiding.

Meanwhile, Trevor in the hallway, freed Maxum Hamster from his bag and rode him in the halls. Eric pulled him aside and explains his problem with Vana. The two then use Maxum Hamster as a way to prove Vana wrong and cast aside her suspicion of Maxum Man's absence. When Trevor pretended to rob Vana of her makeup, she easily beat him senseless, boasting that she got an A in butt-kicking class. Eric and Maxum Hamster, with the incentive of an apple slice, ran up to 'save' Vana. But just then, Man Maid driving a tankfall crashed through the ceiling, demanded Eric to tell him where Maxum Man was. Maxum Hamster then popped his head out of a nearby trash can, and Man Maid believed him to be the real Maxum Man, and sprayed him with water. The two get into a fight. Vana asked why Maxum 'Man' was fighting like a rodent. Kitty says that it was his new fighting technique: "Angry Hamster Style". Man Maid then pulled out a hand-vacuum and beat Maxum Man over the head with it, knocking him out. Man Maid then jumps into his Vacuum-Tank and charges toward Maxum 'Man'. Eric, realizing his 'super' needs help, jumps inbetween the two and gave a speech, but is quickly sucked up and spit out by Man Maid's vacuum. However, his display of bravery caused Maxum Hamster to recover and it defeated Man Maid with a single punch. After which, everyone cheers for Maxum 'Man' and Eric said that Maxum 'Man' has to go. Vana cuts them off and said they were lucky this time, but she was still watching them. Maxum Hamster stuffs Vana in his mouth and Trevor praises him.

Deleted scene

When this episode aired on Cartoon Network, there was a scene got cut out. In the deleted scene, after Trevor pulled out his pet hamster's poop, both him and Eric sniffed at it. Trevor liked the smell of it, but Eric got disgusted by it. The scene was left intact when you download this episode from iTunes. Also, this scene was left unedited when this episode aired on the Canadian channel, YTV.



  • In the beginning, Eric is in his superhero clothing. But when Maxum Brain grabs him, he is in his normal clothing.


  • This episode introduces almost all the Major characters in the series
  • In Kitty's dream Wedding she had Trevor wearing a dress while Vana wore a suit.
  • Vana's number of toes change during her sarcastic claim that she got an A in butt-kicking class.
  • Eric's voice is deeper than it is in later episodes





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