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Maxum Brain is Maxum Man's computer, Eric's home resource, and the Maxum Mansion's security system. He can usually be seen telling Eric, and Trevor to stop their shenanigans and first wanted Vana to be Maxum Man's Sidekick, but he had second thoughts when she locked them out of the Maxum Mansion.


Maxum Brain, in his initial form, is a floating television with synthetic arms, but his face can be seen on any electronic within the mansion that has a screen. His facial appearance is coloured blue, with black eyebrows above his black pupiled eyes, along with a long vertical nose above his dark blue mustache. Below his face is what appears to be a suit and tie.


Being the mansion's caretaker, he despises filth or disorder of any kind. Back then with Maxum Man, he was often content and happy, but in the present day, he seems to have changed into a tough and strict behavior.

In the episode "Maxum Men", it's shown that back in the Seventies he was Maxum Man's sidekick, but he was replaced with Golly Gee Kid cause he was better to take punches.