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Mandy Struction is a resident of the evil side of Splitsboro. She has seismic boots that can cause tremors in the floor whenever she stomps down.


Mandy comes from an evil family, who runs the dangerous crime syndicate, The Mass-Destructions. Even though she was born to be evil, she wants to be good so that she can date Eric.


Mandy wears an old-fashioned dress with poofy shoulders that ends mid-thigh and is decorated with red stripes and black skulls. She has flashy red glasses/goggles, and a pair of Seismic-Boots. She has long, dark reddish-brown hair which always covers half her face. She is much taller than Eric, Kitty, Trevor, and Vana, which could suggest that she is a few years older than them.


For being a villain, Mandy can be very nice. She has a crush on Eric and vice versa. Apparently, she has the fear of mimes, as revealed in Match Dot Com.


Mandy's powers are literally all in her shoes. Her shoes are able to cause earthquakes and are able to split the ground beneath her to either to stop others from pursuing her or to drop them into the hole.

Relationships with Other Characters

Mandy and Eric drawing graffiti at the school dance

Eric Needles

Eric and Mandy both have crushes on each other and are fully aware of each other's feelings, but because they are good and evil, their love cannot be.

Kitty Ko

Kitty glares at Mandy

Because Kitty also has a huge crush on Eric, she hates Mandy and even points a laser gun at her the first time she sees her. For example, in "Oh Trevor, Where Art Thou?" Kitty planned to kill Mandy only to fail and have Mandy rescue her every time. After this Mandy gives Kitty a friendship bracelet, having never received one before, Kitty is touched and then at the end of the episode, Mandy and Kitty are shown to be great friends.

Mandy and Kitty bonding.jpeg

Episode Appearances


  • Her relationship with Eric is a nod to Romeo and Juliet.
  • Her name pronounces Man Destruction.
  • Mandy is voiced by Stacey DePass who's better known for voicing Nikki Wong from "6teen", Iris from " Ruby Gloom", Amy from "Looped", And Ms.Goodwin, Stacey, and Eddy from "Fangbone.
  • She is half Italian and half Iranian.
  • For some reason, she didn't appear in the series finale. It is most likely she graduated to become an anti-hero.
  • Both of her eyes were only seen in Oh Trevor, Where Art Thou? when the gang was falling down the volcano.