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Trevor and Eric go to a Maxum Security Prison, where they meet the evil Master XOX. Master XOX tricks Trevor into helping him.


The episode begins with Eric wating for trevor and he arrives on the maxum bike. He later drives them to the sidekick academy and find that all the cool jobs for career day are taken and Pampelmoose assigns them the worst job, working at the Splitsboro Maximum Security Prison. The two later meet with Kitty and Vana and learn that they will work at the Heroic Pines Retirement Home. They are later dropped off at the prison where serving food to the inmates meet Master XOX, (the most evil villain in Splitsboro and Maxum Man's arch-enemy). Treavor later befriends him and play around in the jail. Meanwhile, back in the retirement home, Kitty and Vana meet an elderly woman who used to fight villains with Maxum Man and they decide to intoduce Maxum Man's sidekick, Eric. later, in the laundry room Trevor betrays them by trapping them in there. They later all escape and fight XOX but get shot with his itching cannon and the old lady uses her cha-cha hurracaine powers to defeat Master XOX. Trevor is then forced to either save XOX or Eric. The episode ends with them defeating XOX.



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Sidekick Episode 2b - Like Supervillian, Like Son