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Kid Ruthless' first appearance

Kid Ruthless is a student at the sidekick academy. He is the school bully who speaks with an Australian accent. He was first voiced by Justin Landry, however he was replaced by Carter Hayden.


Kid Ruthless has an attire incorporating outfits with skulls on them, such as a black leather jacket with tiny skulls for buttons, a necklace with a skull as it's pendant and an undershirt that also has a skull on it. His belt buckle is a skull, and his shoes also include skulls. His sunglasses lenses have skulls inprinted on them, and his hat also has a skull.


Kid Ruthless' personality is literally his name. He is the typical 'bad boy' of the school, who often uses his size (and personality) to intimidate others. He will attack anyone who uses his sidekick name, as shown in Identity Crisis.


He graduated from Sidekick Academy as seen in Graduation Daze.

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