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The Golly Gee Kid was Maxum Man's sidekick in his youth. He is now the janitor at the Sidekick Academy and has been seen in many Maxum Man videos.



  • He was a kid when he was a sidekick, but he is an adult now, meaning that he was out of the sidekick game for years until he became a janitor, so Maxum Man had no sidekick at all for a long time.
  • Fans wondered if Maxum Man have the power to retain his youth as we see Golly Gee Kid as a kid and old man, yet Maxum Man still looks as if he never aged.
  • He once tried to ask an octomorg to a date as an example for a dating video.
  • Golly Gee Kid is similar to Captain America's former sidekick, Bucky.


Golly Gee Kid/Gallery


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