Fart of Darkness
Fart of Darkness

CAN. Airdate

October 9th, 2010

U.S Airdate

June 21st, 2011


Michael Decsi


Joey So

Storyboard Artist(s)

Ted Collyer



Trevor Troublemeyer


Hello Dolly


Match Dot Com


The episode opens with Eric and Trevor having revealed to have failed 100 exams. After failing another, they get sent to super preschool. Eric finds it humiliating, but Trevor feels right at home. The only way to return to the Academy is to pass the tests going on that day. Unfortunately, Vana and Kitty are volunteering there, with Vana less than thrilled and Kitty happy. If they ever found out that Eric and Trevor were staying here, the latter would be humilated. Eric is forced to hide with Trevor(to avoid embarassment). After they leave, the exams begin. First, they have to put shapes in holes, Trevor forces a block into a circle hole(with props from the teacher). When Eric tries it he accidently puts a baby in a hole, resulting in the baby doing the same to him. Then they ride rocket tricycles. Eric's seat belt breaks and he ends up going through a wall. After that, its naptime and Eric claims he's not even a "good baby"(for not falling asleep on cue). Vana and Kitty show up to tuck the babies in. Eric grabs Trevor and they dive into a trunk of costumes. As the girls tuck the babies in, Vana doesn't think they're super. She also notices two that she thinks are "straight up ugly." The two kids Vana refers to are revealed to be Eric and Trevor, now in disguise. Eric is dressed as a duck and Trevor is a bear with goggles. The disguises hold and Kitty thinks they're "chubby." Trevor nearly blows his cover when Kitty suggests skipping their afternoon cookies, but Kitty just thinks he's a "cute little wuggums." After they depart, Eric tells Trevor they need to go, but Trevor has fallen asleep. Eric drags him to the exit, but gets caught by the teacher(who has a relation to Pamplemoose). Eric tries to leave but gets put in a play pen. Eric tells Trevor to execute one of their plans. Unfortunately, Trevor is being pampered by the babies and wants to stay. Trevor feels like a king and the babies do what he says. Eric tells him it is not great because their wearing diapers. Eric jinxes things by stating things can't get worse. Vana and Kitty are revealed to have returned and are standing behind Eric. After trying to stifle laughter Vana takes a photo of Eric and Kitty tells Eric she doesn't think he's cute. Once they leave Eric resolves to go. Unfortunately, the rest of the class, led by Trevor, stands in his way. After a heated duel, Eric ends up at Trevor's mercy. Just when all hope seems lost, Vana and Kitty come back and tell them that nap time is over. Trevor gets upset and tries to finish Eric off. Vana burps Trevor and he relaxes. The teacher congradulates Eric for passing the test. It turns out the key was quick thinking under pressure. Just as Eric prepares to leave with Trevor, the teacher says he failed and has to stay(to Trevor's joy and Eric's chargin). Eric pleads with the teacher to let Trevor come back. Kitty, who most likely thinks Eric is cute again, thinks that he's getting cranky for missing his nap. As Eric explains he just wants to leave Kitty burps him and he falls asleep in her arms.



  • Eric: We are so hosed.
  • Trevor: Yep, fire truck hosed.
  • Eric: Dude, it's not great. We're wearing diapers. This cannot get worse.
  • Kitty:(offscreen) Oh my, Eric! (Eric turns to find Vana and Kitty and they laugh)
  • Eric: I stand corrected.


  • Eric and Trevor make references to Star Wars when they use the babies as lightsabers and Eric lets out an echoing "NO".
  • This is the first time Kitty doesn't think Eric is cute for once.
  • This is also the first episode where Trevor is the antagonist.
  • Due to its inappropriate title, Dailymotion may or may not mark this as mature content despite the episode has no explicit content.


  • When Trevor is excited to find out he has to stay in super pre-school his goggles are missing.



Sidekick Episode 7b - Fart of Darkness

Sidekick Episode 7b - Fart of Darkness