The following article is about the one-sided relationship in between Eric Needles and Vana Glama.


Eric Needles is attracted to his love interest and classmate, Vana Glama. This is mostly a one-sided relationship on Eric's part, since Vana does not return the feelings.

Season One

Maxum Man Mark 2

She's also got an A in pretty

Eric and Trevor were watching Vana in the hallway. Trevor told Eric that Vana had an A in butt kicking. Eric had a bunch of hearts all around him and he was making a very in loge face and he said that she's also got an A in pretty. Vana did not cheer when Eric stepped up to save the day, nor did she care when Eric failed to save the day.

To Party Perchance to Party

She's so beautelligent

Vana looked in the mirror and fixed her hair while making kissy faces to see how beautiful she looked and Eric swooned over her and saw her in a field of pink love and sparkles and he said. "Sigh, she's so beautelligent." Later in the episode, Eric heard that Vana was going to have a sleepover party and he decided that wanted to go there with her. When Vana asked Eric what he thought of when he thinks of a party, he imagined dancing with Vana to some Indian music. In his imagination, Vana was attracted to him as she lustfully danced with him. This caused Eric to drool in pleasure. Sadly for him, Vana did not want Eric to come to her party as she destroyed him and attacked him along with Trevor every time they wanted to invade it. However, she did allow him at the end of the episode but Eric lost interest when she started applying make up to him which made him leave in boredom.

Slime Spree

Eric and Vana in Slime Spree
Eric was finding an image to project onto the street by scrolling through the previous images he's used before but then he accidentally came across an image of himself as a big muscular superhero carrying Vana through the shy as she looked at him lovingly. Vana was shocked to see this as she also angrily glared at him for it. Eric was very shocked and embarrassed about this as he looked at her nervously.

Gone Gaga

Eric and Vana are boyfriend and girlfriend
Eric swooned over Vana when she destroyed a robot. He told her that she was beautiful and awesome and that the world was so much better with her in it but Vana ignored him. He even tried doing a stupid dance to get her attention but she didn't care about it. eric, angry because Vana ignored everything he did, went to the Maxum Mansion and put on the Gaga Goggles. When Eric put on the Gaga Goggles, Vana fell madly in love with him. While they were dating, Eric and Vana did many things together.
Vana in love
They ate ice cream together at lunch. They were eating it from the same cone. However, Vana began to stalk Eric by appearing in his locker and in the boys bathroom just to say hi to Eric. All this attention doesn't go unnoticed by Kitty and she becomes very jealous about it. Eric began to regret using the Gaga Goggles. He tried to ignore Vana's affections but fails. He tried to get Trevor to stop her, but the latter became intimidated by Vana. He then tried to tell Vana the hard truth but before he could, she looked at him with the most beautiful face ever which stopped him. Eric bites his tongue which caused Vana to freak out, enough to get the school nurse and an ambulance to come and help Eric with his "emergency." When everybody else fell in love with Eric, Vana attacked all of them and roared that Eric was hers. 
Vana getting stalkerish
Kitty attempts to tell Vana that the reason why she was in love with him was because he was using the Gaga Goggles. Vana got angry at Kitty, thinking that she just wanted him all to herself. The two girls end up fighting for Eric's affection, until they break the Gaga Goggles during the fight, which frees Vana from it's effects. Vana later beat Eric senseless because of what he did to her.

Identity Crisis

In this episode, Vana is
Eric-Vana identity Crisis
attracted by Eric's bad-boy persona, Kid Ruthless. When Kitty sees Eric and is about to question him about his new look, Vana pulls Eric away from Kittly and says that she already has lunch plans with her. Though this is short lived when the real Kid Ruthless shows up and beats up Eric for unknowingly stealing his sidekick identity.

The Bogey Man

This entire episode was all about Eric and Vana competing against each other in anger. Both of them were trying really hard to win and prove themselves better than the other. At the end of the episode, Eric and Vana hug each other after escaping from The Bogey Man's snowglobe. But Vana quickly pushes Eric away in disgust.

Sleepless In Splitsboro

Vana Loving Eric

While battling Nocturna, Kitty sees Vana asking Eric if he would like to go on a walk on the beach with her and Eric suggested that they save Kitty first. Vana just walked off and Eric changed his mind, bouncing off after her with hearts in his eyes. However, they were illusion created by Nocturna.

The Amazing Super Chores

At the defeat of the Ribbonator, Vana compliments Eric on his quick thinking and ironing skills to defeat the monster, albiet a little reluctantly.

This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes

When Eric finally works up the courage to ask Vana to the dance, Trevor lets Eric take the blame for painting graffiti of Pampelmoose in the school gym. Pampelmoose gives Eric detention and is forbidden to go to the dance, much to Eric's dissapointment, because Vana said she was so distracted that she had forgotten about the dance and a date. She said she would have even gone with him at the last minute.

Gloves on the Run

Vana and kitty giggling
Eric got some new gloves which made him very popular with the girls. The girls all liked him a lot, including Vana. When Vana first saw him, it was along with Kitty and either she, or Kitty whistled a hot whistle when they saw him. Eric gave her a rock on symbol and told her that she was lookin' good. Vana giggled in happiness at him for that. That night, Eric had a dream about Vana. Vana was screaming in terror because a giant shoe was attacking the city and untying everyone's shoes.
Eric's hot Vana dream
Vana was acting like one of those "Damsel in distress" sort of girls and Eric was the hero. Eric heroically saved her by tying her shoes. Vana looked down at him with an extremely happy face and glorified, shimmering eyes. Vana fell for him because she was so happy because of this and she happily hugged him and cheered for him. Then, she offered him all of her candy. The next day, Vana and Kitty were lovingly walking with Eric and hanging off of everything he said. So what happened was, Vana was in love with Eric at this time. This went on for a week until they found out what was really happening with the gloves. When they found out that the gloves had evil minds of their own, Vana was extremely shocked and was very sad because of this.