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Kitty Ko has a huge crush on her friend and school classmate, Eric Needles. But it's unclear how much Eric is aware of her feelings. The writers of the series tend to switch back and forth between Eric being aware but avoiding the situation, and Eric being oblivious.

"Family Fun Day" shows that Eric is at least somewhat aware of her feelings, when he offers to go to the movies with her if she'll let him win. This has lead many to believe that Eric is aware of Kitty's crush, but feigns ignorance to avoid any awkward situations.

This theory has some merit, because Eric has been shown to not be a fan of the smothering, obsessed types, as seen with Pamplemoose in "Pamplemoose And Son" and Vana in "Gone Gaga". Regardless, Eric sees Kitty as a good friend to him.

Season One

In nearly every episode, there is at least one display of Kitty's affections for Eric.

Maxum Man Mark 2

Kitty's Dream Marriage

When Vana is talking to Eric on how she has never seen him and Maxum Man together, Kitty pointed out that he was the best man at her and Eric's wedding. Then there was a cutaway scene of Kitty and Eric at the wedding reception, about to get married. Then Vana pointed out and said, "Dreams don't count, Kitty". This episode reveals that Kitty's dream is to marry Eric one day.

To Party Perchance to Party

Kitty comforting Eric.

When Eric and Trevor were trying to ask Vana to invite them to her party, they attempted to surprise her in the hallway, to which only made her and Kitty attack them, without realizing that it was just Eric and Trevor. While Kitty was beating Eric, Eric screamed that it was him and Trevor. Kitty then let go of his legs and she apologized to Eric for beating him. Kitty is then comforting Eric by rubbing his forehead with her hand.

Eric said that he doesn't blame her for attacking them, as she was just protecting herself from any kind of danger. Kitty stood up and admired how he took it like a man and she said "I love you", to which Eric said "What?" and Kitty saying "What?" to cover up what she said to Eric. Almost throughout the episode, Eric and Trevor were trying to crash the party and Kitty helped Vana to prevent them from ever doing that, without feeling bad for them until the next morning, when she and Vana noticed that Eric and Trevor were bawling for missing the party, because they were busy defeating Drilliam Shakespeare all night. Kitty then offers Eric a tissue, a hug and then her "internal love" for him, to which made Eric (again) say "What?" and for Kitty to say "What?" to cover up what she'd said. The episode ended with Kitty offering Eric some lipstick, only for Eric to leave the scene, which made Kitty to have a disapointed look on her face.

Gone Gaga

When Vana falls under the spell of Eric's goggles and falls deeply in love with him, Kitty gets enormously jealous and eventually battles her. It starts when she notices Vana complementing and sharing to him, causing her to take deep offense to it. She expresses more anger at lunch when Eric and Vana share an ice cream. When Vana whispers her plan to be together with Eric forever, Kitty calls her out, stating she had no interest in him until now, her tone making it clear that she's still jealous. When Kitty saves Eric from Vana, she states "I'm not gonna let her get you Eric!" When Kitty asks why everyone is suddenly adoring him, Eric responds that "Maybe people finally see the real me.", to which she nods while smiling. After the goggles are destroyed, Kitty is obviously happy about this, giggling and saying "Yay!"

Like Supervillain, Like Son

Kitty is hugging Eric...

...And hasn't let go of him ever since.

When Susan Sweetie told Kitty and Vana that she knew Maxum Man, Kitty told her that she knows someone who works for Maxum Man, so she and Vana took her to the Splitsboro Supervillain Alcatraz so Susan can meet Eric. Once there, Kitty surprised Eric and she said to him "I told you I was going to visit you once you got in jail". Once Eric left the room, Susan commented what a nice boy he is and Kitty agreed with her, with an innocent giggle. But, when Susan added that he's a little twitchy and Vana agreed with her, Kitty glared at both of them for the comment. When Eric, Kitty, Vana and Susan were trapped by Trevor in the laundry room and Eric broke the door by using the highly sensitive washing machine, Kitty cheered for Eric's idea and then she congratulated him by hugging him very tightly and she said, silently, that Eric did it "very handsomely". While leaving the laundry room, Kitty is shown still hugging Eric, while being dragged by him, leaving the scene.

A Monster Headache

IMG 1486.jpg

When Professor Pampelmoose was mutated by Trevor, Eric suggested that two people should stay and take care of Pamplemoose, while the other two search for the cure. When Vana and Trevor quickly left the room, leaving just Kitty and Eric, Kitty excitedly looked at Eric and she giggled out of joy just for being alone with Eric. When Eric was flunged by Pamplemoose, Kitty ran up to Eric, worried, and she asked him if he was okay and if he needed a squish of a thousand hugs from her. As Eric and Kitty ride to Pamplemoose, their bike hits a ramp and bypasses a night themed billboard as dreamy music briefly plays. Almost through out the episode, Kitty was irritated and annoyed by Eric's lack of sense of thinking, up until she finally snapped and yelled at Eric for not using his brain or any other kinds body parts to solve any problems, to which hurt Eric's feelings. Kitty then regretted what she said and then she gave Eric some advice of how he should think first before he could act, to which motivated Eric to stop the mutated plant Pampelmoose. When Eric found a way to stop mutated plant Pampelmoose, Kitty cheerfully said " that's how you use your beautifully thumb-shaped head!" When Eric stopped Pampelmoose, Kitty ran up to Eric and congratulated him with a tight hug.

She then proceeded to plug her ears and sing "Lalala I can't hear you! Lalala Eric's Perfect! Lalala!" when Eric tries to apologize for his lack of thinking during the fight with Pampelmoose.

Days of Golly

I love you-Kitty

When Vana and Kitty were on a tall building pretending to be in danger for Golly Gee Kid, Kitty read her script and said that she can't wait to be rescued, so she can run up to her "sweet Eric" and give him the biggest and most squeeziest hug ever. Kitty then explained to Vana that she might've tweaked her script a bit. When listing things that he has in common with Golly Gee Kid, she mentions that they're both cute. Later, at the near end of the episode, Kitty complimented to Eric about how it was a great idea to use Master XOX to stop Brute Brutal. And then she said "I love you" to Eric, to which made him say "what?" and Kitty saying "what?" to cover up what she said to him.

Ain't No Party Like a Maxum Brain Party

After Maxum Brain goes haywire from Trevor's virus, Kitty and Eric travel inside Maxum Brain's hardware to fix him. At one point, Eric drinks lime soda and belches, making Kitty giggle. As Kitty is hacking Maxum Brain's mainframe, she tells Eric how brave he is for letting him get captured for her, to which Eric responds with "Yes, I meant to do this." when he clearly didn't.

Hello Dolly

IMG 1497.jpg

While the gang is at Supers-R-Us, everyone is ogling at all the cool merchandise. Especially Kitty, who is staring longingly at the Eric Action Figure display exclaiming "OH. MY. ERIC!" After Eric examines his miniature self, he is run over by Kitty with a shopping cart overfilling with Eric dolls. she asks worriedly if he's alright, and explains to Eric that the dolls are for her little cousin's next 100 birthdays. She then tells Eric to stop looking at her and exits the scene giggling with her Eric dolls.

After Eric accepts the fact that he is now a superstar, there is a quick montage of his stardom, including Kitty's disapointment of not being able to get close to him. She then confronts him and tells him that he has changed with his newfound stardom, which Eric denies. It is at that time the Eric dolls turn evil and combine into one, large, evil Eric robot. And even though Kitty knows the robot is evil, she still comments how cute it (and by extension Eric) is. When Vana asks where they are going to get a bunch of non-evil Eric dolls to fight the Evil Robot Eric, Eric, Vana and Trevor all look at Kitty, who smiles sheepishly back at them. The scene then cuts to a giant knock-off robot Eric controlled by Eric, Trevor, and Kitty, who unconvincingly explains that the knock-off dolls she found on the internet were also for her cousin.

The Amazing Super Chores

When Maxum Brain, Trevor and Vana berate Eric for not knowing that ribbon cutting is top priority, Kitty also says that it's true, but in a more gentle tone, and her expression beforehand while looking at them indicates that she doesn't like seeing Eric in the dumps.


IMG 1502.jpg

When Eric's Moustache starts to grow, Kitty wraps herself in it, saying how 'handsome' it is and offers to groom it for him. When Kitty says "Any way we can get him back to his cute self?", she hugs Eric. Later, when Eric was missing for a moment, Kitty gotten worried and screamed "Oh gosh! Where is Eric?!!" At the near end of the episode, after Eric defeats the moustachesquatch and the gang is on their way home, Kitty makes a fur coat out of Eric's moustache hair and says how warm it is while hugging herself and giggling, much to Vana's disgust.

Identity Crisis

Kitty,dreamingly, staring at Eric.

When Eric was having a flashback and was staring at Vana dreamingly, his glasses were covered in fog. Eric then looked to his left side and found out that it was Kitty breathing heavily and staring dreamingly at him, only for Eric to be frightened. When Kitty is asked what her sidekick identity is, she smiles nervously and cuts to a flashback of her in her room wearing a bridal gown looking in the mirror and screaming "Bride of Eric!". This was most likely her first idea for her sidekick ID before she chose to be Aztec Girl. After her flashback, Kitty asks Eric if he likes chicken or fish at the wedding reception, leading to another "What?"-"What?" joke to cover up what Kitty said.

Fart of Darkness

IMG 1506.jpg

When Kitty and Vana figure out that Eric and Trevor are now in super preschool, Kitty tells Eric that for the first time, she doesn't find him cute at all, but very creepy dressed in a duck suit. At the end of the episode, when Eric is pleading to let Trevor go back with him to the Academy, Kitty pinches his cheek and says that he's cranky for missing his nap and then procedes to burp him until he falls asleep as she giggles.

The Bogey Man

When Eric and Vana are playing a virtual but dangerous game, Kitty had a concerned on her face when Eric is about to lose and get hurt. When Trevor, Eric, Vana and Kitty are trapped inside of a snowglobe, Kitty helped Vana by getting the mini golfball into hole one, in order to win the game and escape from the snowglobe. While Eric is lying down on the ground, Kitty was about to help Eric get up, but before she can do that, Vana pulls Kitty away in an attempt to continue the game. After Kitty is hit by The Log of Peril and starts clinging on for her life, Eric calls out, "Kitty!" seeing her in grave danger. Eric then tells Kitty to jump off the log, stating that he'll catch her. Kitty then drops from the log, but before Eric can catch her, Vana pulls Eric away in an attempt to end their golf game.


After Eric and Trevor skipped school to get a crudburger, in an attempt to be popular, Kitty asked Vana if they're gonna survive the bad side of town, with a concerned look on her face, which shows she is worried for Eric's safety. While Eric and Trevor are gone, Vana and Kitty have built robot duplicates of Eric and Trevor. At first, Kitty liked the idea of Eric and Trevor gaining popularity. But, Vana showed her that if it keeps up, lots of girls will be falling for Eric. This made Kitty furious and jealous and wants to end it once and for all.

The Henchman Challenge

A picture of Kitty and Eric being together.

IMG 0688.JPG

On the title card, Kitty is seen smiling at Eric. When Vana opens Kitty's team captain's playbook, it shows a picture of Kitty kissing Eric on the cheek, which made Eric look a bit nervous at Kitty. Kitty then closed the playbook and then said "Whoops! Wrong book", with a sheepish grin. When Eric decided to cheat the game, Kitty desperately begged Eric not to cheat, but he did it anyway, which disapointed Kitty. When Eric tries to convince Trevor and Vana not to cheat, Kitty playfully elbows Eric and says "You tell 'em Eric!" Later, when Eric have decided to not to cheat anymore, Kitty proudly and enthusiastically said "l knew it! l knew you'd do the right thing!" When Eric is hit by an missile dodge ball, Kitty yelled his name, with an concerned tone. But, after Eric survived the hit, Kitty said "He's still alive!", with an relieved smile. When Trevor and Vana yelled at Eric to cheat, Kitty said "Don't do it, Eric." silently. When Eric is surrounded by Master XOX's henchmen and as Master XOX was about to shoot Eric, Kitty gasped and said "Eric?!" silently, with an saddened tone and a teary look on her face. When Eric dodged the dodge balls, Kitty ecstatically cheered. Both for winning the game and for Eric avoiding the attack. The episode ends with Kitty holding Eric's arm up in the air, making him look like an winner to her, with a smile and Eric smiling back at her.

Family Fun Day

Again on the title card, Kitty is seen smiling at Eric. When Kitty and her family meet up with Eric, she mentions that he's the boy she's been telling them about for some time, before they call him cute and squeeze his face. As Kitty and her mother and father are about to blast Eric and Maxum Brain with inter-dimensional laser guns, Eric thinks of an idea to avoid the lasers. He says to Kitty that he will go out with her to the movies, if she doesn't shoot at him and Maxim Brain. Kitty, and her mother and father, shoot at themselves to another dimension. This episode proves that Eric is fully aware of Kitty's crush on him and he used this for his one-time advantage, or at least understands that Kitty would do anything to spend time with him.

Slime Spree

Kitty names the Alien Spore she is taking care of Little Eric and hugs it extremely tight. When setting up the trap for Eric's giant Alien Spore, Eric tries to produce a hologram of a giant bag of potato chips, but instead shows an image of Eric flying and carrying Vana. This causes Kitty to glare at Eric, jealously. Later, Kitty comforts Eric when he was upset for letting his pet spore go back to its mother. When Eric brings up that he's an orphan during his speech about the spore, Kitty gently responds "I know, I know."

The Short List

IMG 2081.jpg

At the end of the episode after Eric and the gang defeat Master XOX, and Eric is restored as Maxum Man's sidekick, Kitty runs up to Eric and hugs him, saying how cute he was. She then quickly retracts her statement and says how awesome he was instead.

This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes

"My Hero!" -Kitty.

When Eric warns Kitty not to strap on the rocket helmet, she gives it to him and says "Anything for you Eric." At the near end of the episode, Kitty hugs Eric and says he's her hero after he saves her from her malfunctioning rocket helmet.

Eric Squared

I believe you-Kitty

When Eric is about to present his magic trick to Vana in an attempt to impress her, Kitty enthusiastically said "l love magic tricks!" After Evil Eric froze Kitty and Vana with a freezing ray, taking them to Maxum Man's evil confiscated gadgets room and unfroze them while they were in the laser jail, a confused Kitty then asked Eric if this was a part of the magic trick, oblivious to the fact that it was not really Eric who had captured them. Kitty was devastated and heartbroken after Evil Eric told her that she was clueless, and that it was a shame that he had captured her too, for he only wanted Vana. When Vana is attacking Evil Eric, Kitty refuses to help Eric, telling him that she is "too clueless to help." After the real Eric defeats Evil Eric and unfroze Kitty and Vana, he explained the whole situation involving his evil self. Before leaving Maxum Man's mansion, Kitty runs up to Eric and gives him a hug, telling him that she believed him.

Internal Affairs

Kitty comforting Eric

When Vana is violently shaking Eric for acting weird, Kitty runs up to her "sweet wittle Eric" and asks if the "big bad Vana" hurt him. She is then seen holding him in his arms as they leave for Maxum Brain. After traveling inside of Eric's stomach to find and defeat Master XOX, Kitty hugs the inside of Eric's stomach, saying how she's never felt closer to Eric before.

Virtual Mayhem

When Kitty quickly explains her very technical plan for defeating Master XOX's virtual reality video game, Eric compliments her by saying "I love it when you get your geek on, Kitty!" Kitty then giggles and exits the scene.

The Maxum Switcheroo

When a news report of trapped kittens is displayed, Kitty grabs Eric by the shirt and yells "ERIC!! HELP THEM!!"

Sleepless In Splitsboro

IMG 2090.jpg

IMG 2066.jpg

After Kitty tells Eric about her nightmares, she randomly smells Eric with a look of bliss on her face and quietly moans "Ohhhh...". Then, when Nocturna shows Kitty an image of Eric running off with Vana instead of saving her from rouge machines, she falls to her knees and says that her heart is breaking and her hopes and dreams are fading.

When Kitty dreams her favorite dream, it is of her and Eric simply hanging out together. After that, it seems that Eric is scared of Kitty as he tells Trevor to call the police; this proves that Eric doesn't return the feelings.

Everybody is Side-Fu Fighting

When Vana berates to Eric that getting beaten up is what he's naturally good at, Kitty shoots her a glare. Later, after Vana yells at Eric for losing, Kitty is seen visibly cringing.

Comic Book Zombies

Even though Kitty has been chasing Joshua Sideburns throughout the whole episode, at the near end of the episode, after Eric stopped Mint Condition, Kitty said to Eric, "Well, I'm glad that you're okay" with a look of relief on her face.

Beneath the Missile-Toe

When Eric begged at his friends to build more toys, Kitty said "I love it when you're persausive... and all other times" and then she smiled, which leads yet another "What?-What?" joke between Eric and Kitty.

Ice to Know You

IMG 2124.jpg

When Vana and Kitty were building ice sculptures, Kitty's was a sculpture of Eric in his sidekick costume flying, carrying her in his arms. When Vana takes Eric out of the hot tub, Kitty silently giggles as she catches him in his briefs.

Ye Old Sidekick Village

IMG 0690.jpg

When Eric says how he's going to record their entire field trip on camera, Kitty pops up behind him and says that she has tons of video of them together. Eric says "What?", Kitty says "What?" and a cutaway of Kitty drinking tea while watching Eric sleep is shown.

Later, after Eric stopped the evil sheriff and Eric said "Um, I meant to do that?", Kitty cheered "Hooray for Eric anyway!"

News at 11AM

Even though she's been fawning over Allan Amazing throughout, when Eric prepares his story on Maxum Man, Kitty grins widely in endearment at him.

Escape From Razzumatraz

When Eric is pummeled on the conveyer belt, Kitty tells him to hold on as she tries to hack the machine. When she gets attacked by metallic arms, she calls out to him that she's trying. When Pamplemoose joins in the plan primarily to get away from Eric, Kitty says she's also in, before realizing what he said and quietly saying "Oh."

Gloves on the Run

IMG 2063.jpg

When Vana, Kitty and Trevor try attacking Eric to get Master XOX's gloves off him, Kitty hesitates and starts crying, saying she just can't hit him. When Eric tries to take off the gloves himself by biting, flailing and stomping on his own hands, Kitty worriedly asks "Sweetie?" to see if he's alright. Then she starts to panic, asking Vana "You think he's okay I'm sure he's okay he's okay, right?". When Eric crawls out from under the rubble, she runs over and hugs him shouting "He's okay!".

Match Dot Com

IMG 2059.jpg
IMG 2060.jpg

On the title card, Kitty is shown jealous of Mandy and Eric together. When Kitty asks Eric if he's going to the dance with someone special who's standing right in front of him (meaning her) Eric tells her that Vana isn't standing in front of him, which causes Kitty to run away crying. Later at the dance, Kitty refers to Mandy as the girl who came from thin air to ruin her life and shows off her date, Allan Amazing, to make Eric jealous. When Eric attempt to defeat Mandy fails, he falls from the roof of the school, but Kitty saves him just in time. Eric then hugs Kitty and thanks her for saving him, but he is still smitten over Mandy, so out of anger and jealousy Kitty puts her mascot costume back on and Eric runs away in terror.

Stupor-ize Me

"I'm more of his soulmate than just a friend." -Kitty

When Vana is laughing at Eric for working at Swell Burger, Kitty apologizes and tells him that she promised Vana she would let her laugh at him for a few minutes, and also comments on how cute he looks in his uniform. Surprisingly, Eric agrees with Kitty, which marks the first time that Eric has responded positively to Kitty's advances without pretending to ignore or mishear her. When Eric and Trevor's boss asks them if Kitty and Vana are their friends, Kitty tells him that she and Eric are more like soul mates than friends, which leads to another "What? - What?" joke.

Teenage Mummies in Love

"I still love you, though" -Kitty

When Eric foils Kitty's attempt to get close to Joshua by disguising himself as the movie star, Kitty threatens that he has no idea who he's dealing with and runs off. Only to run back to tell Eric she still loves him and take a sample of his hair, which leads to another "What? - What?" gag. When Eric is being chased by an actual mummy, Kitty has to choose between saving Eric or keep Joshua from escaping her. In the end she chooses to save Eric, calling out to Eric "Eric! My true love!" which leads to another "What? - What?" gag. After she saves him, she says she'll never abandon him again, until the next teen heart-throb comes along.

Henchman For a Day

When Eric has seemingly turned to the dark side, Kitty tells him that she's always loved him, without resorting to a "What?" to cover it up. Unfortunately, Eric was distracted by how awesome his new headband looks on him, and didn't hear what she said.

The Show Must Go On

As Kitty dreamily speaks of the lead role in the school play, she specifically looks at Eric and flutters her eyes at him, indicating she wanted him to do the part.

Pamplemoose And Son

As Eric and the gang are walking to school, Kitty asks him why he lets Pampelmoose smother him, saying "Always there, always watching, ALWAYS CLOSING ALL THE BLINDS SO I CAN'T SEE IN!" Which leads another "What?- What?" between her and Eric. And when Pampelmoose transforms Eric to look like him even more, Kitty cries "Oh Eric! What has he done to you?!" At the end, Kitty is the only one upset that Eric lost his first dad.

Little Orphan Eric

When Glenn shows Eric his room, including his wall of photos of Eric from over the years, Kitty's eyes start to well up, for obvious reasons. During her interview on Eric's progress, Kitty says that she keeps telling Eric they are "...too young to run away to Donut Island, and that Donut Island isn't a real place, but he's such a romantic *giggle*." This is most likely another one of Kitty's dreams.

When asked if she likes Eric, she says she's working on a computer program that will allow her to copy and carry with her Eric's entire being, and that she does indeed like him. When Mushpickle tries to keep Eric at the orphanage, Kitty protests and attempts to stop her along with Vana and Trevor, but are stopped when they realize they would have to volunteer at the local pool if they performed any sidekick-ing, but Kitty does say she'll wait for him. In the end, they do go back to rescue Eric thanks to Kitty's prompting.

Shopping Spree

When Maxum Mom makes Eric try on tight new clothes, they are so tight that his stomach protrudes from under his shirt. Vana says "Eww! Eric belly." while Kitty says dreamily "Yea, ewwww..." and snaps a picture of him with her phone. Maxum Mom then makes Eric try on a series of embarrassing and skimpy outfits, all of which Kitty takes a picture of, all the while looking hungrily at them. Later, when they try to bust Maxum Mom out of prison for shop-lifting, Eric tells Trevor and Vana to grab his hands to launch him to save Maxum Mom. When Vana refuses, Kitty shoves her out of the way and says she'll do it. At the end of the episode, when Eric's shirt breaks again, Kitty takes more pictures of semi-naked Eric and giggles as Maxum Mom drags him away to another shopping spree.

The Spark is Gone

Throughout the episode, Kitty apologizes to Eric whenever she informs him that Static Clint is a loser Super, or how she and Vana got the better Super to shadow. When Vana, Kitty and the super heroes were trapped by the Mega-Ma Trazz escaped bad guys and when Mayor Swift and Vana were yelling at Static Clint, Kitty ran up to the window and excitedly said "Hi Eric!". At the near end of the episode, she says what a good job Eric did when Clint's Super Rank increases.

Four's a Crowd

Eric "borrows" the hover board laser and just when he was about to use it, Kitty stopped him and said that he can't carve his face all over the Sidekick Academy. But, Kitty then, quietly, admits that it would look really cute.

Super Frenemies

IMG 2068.jpg

When Eric asks Vana to the movies, but embarrases her again, Vana storms off dragging Kitty with her as she tells him she'd go anywhere with him. After Eric dumps Trevor as his best friend, he tries to make him jealous by pretending that Kitty is his new best friend.

IMG 2070.jpg

Kitty takes Eric serious, and starts to blush deeply, and her head even explodes with excitment, saying that it's like her wildest dreams are coming true. When Eric is sentenced to another year of detention in the Demon Dimension, Kitty says she'll wait for him. When Trevor appeared at the Maxum Mansion all of a sudden, but then leaves the building, Eric was commenting about how people were coming out of nowhere.

Kitty then comes into the picture, agreeing with him. She then was patting on the couch, hinting Eric to sit next to her. When Eric and Trevor decide to fight it out, but stall their battle, Vana yells at them to stop stalling and kicks them both. Kitty yells back at Vana that no one talks to her Eric like that, and the fight starts.

When Trevor's poorly-build robot Eric tries to hurt Eric, she kicks it away saying it'll have to go through her first. Vana then asks why she's helping Eric, saying that she is supposed to be her best friend. Kitty says she is a best friend, but Eric's, not her's, and the girls start fighting too.

Season 2

My Brother, My Pimple

Eric gets jealous when Derrick gets more attention, and Kitty comforts him by placing a hand on his shoulder. She quickly stops this after Eric gives her a glare. Directly after this, Kitty smiles at him dreamily when it looks like Eric will overcome his jealousy. Towards the end, after Derrick explodes, Kitty again comforts a depressed Eric.

The Superest Day Of The Year

Kitty can be seen glaring at Vana when the latter mocks Eric at the beginning. Kitty's also the only one to agree with Eric that he's awesome and amazing. Shortly after, Kitty tells him that his dullness makes him special, and that it keeps other girls from liking him, which makes all four kids (Eric, Kitty, Trevor, and Vana) participate in a "What?" gag. Throughout most of the derby, Kitty cheers Eric specifically, and says that she's really proud of him when he somehow wins.

Love Fights

Throughout the episode, Kitty tries to get Eric's attention and/or woo him, but he is too busy trying to impress Vana. However, she does admit that giving a card to someone is romantic of him.

A Sidecar Named Desire

Kitty slips out that Eric is pretty at one point, leading to a "What?" gag with her and Pamplemoose.

Circus Jerkus

When Eric lovingly stares at a picture of Vana, Kitty expresses jealousy by punching him in the face.

Anty Maim

When Eric backs away from an injured Trevor, Kitty appears out of nowhere and greets Eric happily, scaring him. As Vana stares at Eric angrily, Kitty uses this time to sniff Eric's hair while he's distracted. After the giant ants are vanquished, Eric jumps on Kitty's shoulders, with Kitty grabbing him. However, she drops him when it's implied Eric wet himself.

The Heartbreak Golly Gee Kid

Kitty expresses heartbreak when Eric also suffers heartbreak from Vana, saying "If only...."

App-y Days

When Eric gets distracted by Vana, Kitty snips and places some of his hair in her bag full of it.

Exchange Student From The Black Lagoon

Eric sniffs all around the classroom to find the source of a weird smell. Upon sniffing Kitty, she's clearly shown smiling. Kitty later expresses extreme worry when Eric is trapped at the underwater prison.

Fortress Of Maxumtude

Much to Vana's disgust, Kitty not only places some of Eric's saliva in a jar, but also reveals that she's planning on making a clone of him.

What's He Hiding?

Kitty thinks that Vana has finally started trusting Eric with a smile on her face (this could possibly mean she's unhappy with Vana's treatment to him), unaware that Vana was faking it. In the same scene, her pants fall down, revealing underwear with Eric's head on them. She also shows extreme joy when entering Eric's smelly and dirty room and when she cuddles his filthy sidekick outfit.

House Of Helmut

Eric jumps into Kitty's arms after getting spooked by a grandfather clock. Later, when Eric surprisingly grabs hold of Kitty and asks her if she believes there's a ghost, her response is "I believe IN you, Eric", upsetting him visibly.

Eric Amazing

Kitty is the only one to apologize to Eric as everyone treats him like a non-presence compared to Allan. Just before Eric and Allan are about to switch back brains, Allan (with Eric's body) makes a creeped out comment on Kitty, who is then seen spying on him with binoculars.

Trevor The Hero

Eric complains to Kitty about the attention Trevor receives, which gets her to comment that he's cute when he's jealous.

Gimme a Sign

Eric calls upon Kitty and Vana for help, to which Kitty states that she'll always be there for him, causing Eric to clearly smile at this.

Sidekicks Rule!

Kitty's pose and tone when everyone agrees with Eric's plan is quite obviously more loving than everyone else. A little later, she says she likes Sidekick Day almost as much as Eric. Towards the end, when Mayor Swift announces "Kick Eric's Butt Day", Kitty seems doubtful at first, but eventually joins in the beating with a baseball bat.

The Land Before Grunk

When Grunk steals Eric's sandwich, Kitty is quick to stick up for him. A little later, it seems at first that Eric is about to out his true love, causing Kitty to fawn over Eric, until he tells Grunk to give him back his sandwich, making Kitty cry. Despite this, she's genuinely concerned when Eric is swallowed by a dinosaur. When it looks that Grunk is giving up, Kitty says she shouldn't have doubted Eric's simple plan and hugs him, but when Grunk unleashes more dinosaurs, she says the complete opposite and drops Eric. Towards the end, when everyone is frozen in ice, Kitty tries to reach for Eric's hand, but gets annoyed when Eric slaps hers away to get at his sandwich.

I, Sidebot

Kitty is upset that she may never see Eric again if the school shuts down. Eric tells her she can always drop by the mansion, where she then thinks about sneaking into Eric's room at night and getting some of Eric's fart in a jar. She later appears on some rope from outside XOX headquarters/Trevor's house greeting Eric happily, only to get shot at by Trevor.

Adventures In Supersitting

Kitty shows great concern for Eric when he starts having flashbacks of the super babies, until she starts sniffing his hair dreamily.

Mandy-o and Eric-et

When Vana tells Mandy to back off of Eric and that he's all hers, Kitty and Eric respond with a "What?" gag, until she says "To pummel at will!", where they both say "Oh!" Amongst the people calling Eric and Mandy to come back, Kitty can heard screaming for Eric. Also, when everyone thinks that the duo have froze themselves, Kitty breaks down crying specifically over Eric.

Sidekick Sideshow

Once again, it seems that Eric is acting romantic to Kitty, this time it's because she saved him from losing the deadly game. Kitty is in heaven at first, until Eric mispronounces her name again (this was a running gag in Season 2, and last time this happened), causing Kitty to get eaten by a shark she was prying open and for her to scream "It's KITTY!"

Of Mouse And Mel

Kitty specifically greets Eric when she, Vana, and Mel arrive to Eric. Kitty also shows cheerful agreement when Vana admits that Eric's butt is nice.

Iron Sidechef

Throughout the competition, Kitty cheers on for Eric, hoping for him to win. Towards the end, Kitty comforts Eric when he loses the cook-off, which apparently does not work, as Eric walks off with Trevor thinking he'll never cook again. Kitty is in disbelief.

Season 3

Teacher's Pet

Kitty is the only one to forgive Eric for the destruction of the new school. She can also be seen looking at him, possibly out of concern, when everyone walks away.

Opossum Man

Kitty suddenly pops up and takes a picture of a naked Eric when a ray gun removes Eric's clothes.

Black Top, Dark Matter

Kitty almost outs to Eric that she loves him while outrunning XOX, but they're interrupted by a giant violin crashing from XOX's machine. Towards the end, Kitty whispers at Eric to call her. She also seems impressed with Eric's dance moves at the restaurant.

Oh Trevor, Where Art Thou?

Throughout the episode, Kitty tries to trap Mandy out of jealousy. It's also implied she showed up specifically to be with Eric, only for it to be "ruined" by Mandy.

Eric and The Maxum Brain Factory

When Eric screws up his knowledge on technology, Kitty tells him they need to talk, which makes her scream in excitement, almost blowing their cover.

Trip Van Twinkle Toes

Eric is the only one not to ridicule Kitty for having two left feet. His face seems more confused as to why Trevor and Vana are mocking her.

Pains, Sprains, and Maxum Mobiles

Despite being mad at Eric for causing mayhem in the Maxum Mobile and not even remembering it (she was unaware he had amnesia), she stills says that before that, Eric looked dreamy in the mobile. She also cheers Eric on when he sets the mobile back to good successfully.


When Eric falls head over heels for Savannah, Kitty glares at him out of jealousy.

For Real Estate

Kitty seems severely psychotic when Eric's room is going to be shown on TV. She also displays jealousy when Eric says he knows the mansion like the front of Vana's face, where he proceeds to stare Vana down while smiling.


Kitty goes crazy as soon as she sees all of the Eric clones, and they use that to their advantage, so that they can make Kitty order them a bunch of meals. When Kitty realizes that Eric will fade away if he doesn't get rid of the clones, she tears up. Again, Kitty displays jealousy when Eric hits on Vana. When Eric faints, Kitty grabs hold of him and tears up again.

The Dingalingish Patient

Kitty hugs Eric when she finds him conscious in the hospital. She also goes into stalker mode upon entering his room again, at one point the duo have the last "What?" gag in the series.

Parent Teacher Night Of Doom

Kitty's code to disable the giant robots her parents become is "Kitty loves Eric!"

Eric Of The Board

At one point, Eric and Kitty are scheduling together, smiling.

Pamp My Ride

Kitty notifies Eric that Pampelmoose's chair will explode in one minute. As she says this, she squeezes Eric out of fear.

The Running of the Trolls

When Kitty is bashed by a troll and is left in a daze, instead of stars spinning around her head, a bunch of Eric heads spin around. Kitty admits she's sorry when she has to agree Eric was dumb for falling for a troll's plan.

Superbest in Show

Kitty giggles while introducing her robotic monkey to Eric.

Those Who Can't Teach

Eric grabs ahold of Kitty's hand when she unintentionally lets Eric touch the gravity alarm.

Graduation Daze

When everyone clears their lockers out, Kitty opens her locker and a bunch of pictures of Eric fall on her. Later, Kitty hugs Eric for becoming a super, and upon hearing he has to go to Super University, she asks Eric if she can cling on to him. After Eric stops a robbery, Kitty is seen in the crowd yelling "I love you Maxum Eric!" After this, she faints.At school, Kitty overhears Eric saying he was on a mission to glue the moon back together (which he accidentally destroyed) and mentioned that it sounded great. Later, Kitty, along with everybody else, thinks Eric is dead after an explosive collision with the robot dragon and she breaks down crying, but gets better when Eric turns out to be alive.


  • Todd Kauffman (one of the creators) ships Eric/Kitty
  • Kitty has openly told Eric she loves him at least four times
  • Despite all this, Kitty can be annoyed by some of Eric's antics, though not as much as Vana.
    • Kitty can be also be angered if Eric mispronounces her name, as noted in the "Sidekick Sideshow" example above. Other times it happened include "The Land Before Grunk", "Adventures In Supersitting", and "Eric and Trevor's Mediocre Adventure".
  • The reason Kitty is aware of Eric's feelings is because like Eric, she is also an orphan.
  • Kitty's crush on Eric is very similar to Maurecia's crush on Todd from Wayside and Sierra's crush on Cody from Total Drama Island.
    • Kitty and Maurecia also share the same voice actress: Denise Oliver.