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Eric Needles is the main protagonist of the series. Eric was adopted to be the sidekick of Maxum Man, until his disappearance. A known attribute of his is his deep crush on Vana Glama, but he later became closer to Mandy Struction.


Eric has a skinny body-build, has a brown colored hairstyle with a three tipped end with his glasses. He wears an orange t-shirt with a white skull logo on it, along with green shorts. He also wears turquoise sneakers. His underwear is revealed in some episodes. They are revealed to be blue and white briefs. His sidekick outfit is orange and dark green.


He is often impulsive and egotistical, which often causes to make the situation worse. For example, when he wanted to go to buy a Crudburger to get popular, he is caught skipping class and gets his pants pulled down. All in all, Eric is good-hearted, but he can get a little off sometimes. Also, he and Trevor developed feelings towards each other in lots of scenes throughout the series.


Eric is an orphan, and still has some flashbacks to his days at the orphanage before he was adopted to be Maxum Man's sidekick. He has stated that he's never known what it's like to have a mom and dad, which suggests that he has been an orphan since birth, or since a very young age - too young to remember his birth parents. From his flashbacks, it is shown that Eric and the other children had little comfort, and had to get by on what was available to them for entertainment. This includes brick-pets, empty bottles for instruments, and playing with rats. It's also shown that the children only had one pair of clothing at the orphaange, because when Eric's t-shirt rips in "Shopping Spree ", his only other shirt is one made of old newspapers taped together. He usually brings up his orphan status when his friends are aware of something that he isn't, due to the fact that he lived sheltered from much of the outside world for most of his life. Even though his early life was tragic, nobody else seems to sympathize with him. When he returns to the orphanage in "Little Orphan Eric", Vana even insults him by asking if he "really lived in this dump" as if it was his fault. Even so, Eric seems well off enough now that he has friends and lives in the Maxum Mansion, waiting for Maxum Man to return.

Because he is an orphan, Eric has no parents. Whether they've died, abandoned him well, its not revealed. However, he has come to see the Maxum Family as his family. He and Maxum Brain bond in the episode "Family Fun Day", and find new respect for each other, but quickly agree never to work together again to cover up their feelings. He also sees Maxum Mom like his own mother, and she feels the same way. She often gives him hugs and checks up on him to make sure he's doing okay.

Relationships with other Characters


Trevor Troublemeyer

Trevor is Eric's best friend and partner in crime. Together, they always manage to get in some kind of trouble, whether it is being at school or at home in the Maxum Mansion, Although most of the trouble is caused by Trevor. They enjoy many of the same things, like playing video games, eating junk food and being lazy.

Vana Glama

Eric had a huge crush on Vana but however in turn, Vana often loves and likes his affections. She has, in some episodes, become more accepting, but to a particularly great extent They kiss each other .

Kitty Ko

Kitty has a huge crush on Eric, but it's unclear how Eric is aware of her feelings. The writers of the series tend to switch back and forth between Eric being aware but avoiding the situtation, and Eric being oblivious. In "Family Fun Day" Eric shows that he is at least somewhat aware of her feeling, when he offers to go to the movies with her if she'll let him win. This hasto lead many to believe that Eric is aware of Kitty's crush, but feigns ignorance to avoid any awkward situations. This theory has some merit, beauase Eric has been shown to not be a fan of the smothering, obsessed types, as seen with Pampelmoose in "Pampelmoose and Son" and Vana in "Gone Gaga". Regardless, Eric sees Kitty as a good friend, and especially likes her when she displays her vast knowledge of computers.

Mandy Struction

Main article: Eric & Mandy's Relationship

Eric and Mandy both have a crush on each other and are fully aware of each other's feelings, but because they have different affiliations their love cannot be.  but they can be secret friends. This is similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet.


Master XOX

Since Master XOX is the main antagonist of the series, and Eric is the protagnist, they hate each other. Eric commonly foils XOX's diabolical plans, wanting Maxum Man to eventually take his place again.

Alan Amazing

Ever since Alan was introduced in News at 11AM, both him and Eric have a deep hatred of each other. When Alan entered the academy, he humiliated Eric and stole all his attention.

Professor Pamplemoose

Pamplemoose hates Eric because of his failures in some episodes. In Pamplemoose & Son, he thinks Eric was his son, but in the end, he saw that the mark was a stain. Angered from deception, Eric was the professor's permanent volunteer.


  • According to the official website, Eric does not like homework and not being able to find Maxum Man.
  • The skull on Eric's shirt is similar to the skull on the shirt of Total Drama series character Duncan as well as the skull on the hat of the Grojband series character Corey Riffin.
  • Eric is lactose intolerant.
  • In the episode The Spark is Gone, Erik is shown to have brown eyes.
  • Eric fears mascots and being alone.
  • According to "Love Fights", Eric is allergic to chocolates, colonge, and carnations.
  • In the final episode, after Eric accidentally burns all of the diplomas with his heat vision, he and all the other students had to take the semester all over again. T