Ever since Mandy Struction had appeared in the episode Miss Match Dot Con she became Eric Needles's second love interest and a love rival to Kitty in the show. Eric and Mandy both have a crush on each other, but Mandy lives on the evil side of town, while Eric resides on the good side of town, which does not allow them to date.

Season One

Miss Match Dot Con


Eric needs a date for the school dance so he goes on the Internet and looks up possible matches for him. The website matches him up with Mandy Struction. He and Mandy go to the dance together and they find out that they have a lot in common. The couple have a great time during the dance, and do the same things together, but however, Eric was unaware mandy was after the sidekick's permanent records, which holds all of the sidekick's weaknesses. When he finds out, Eric asks if Mandy actually liked him. Mandy replies that she actually did fall in love with him during her mission. Eric threw Mandy off the bulding, which allowed her to escape. It is unknown if this was done by accident or if he intentionally did this.

Henchman for a Day

When Eric was about to be beaten up by three of XOX's henchmen, Mandy came to the rescue and threatened to active her seismo-shoes, which can cause rearthquakes. Then Eric gazes at Mandy and sees her as an angel.

Eric-o and Mandy-et

Eric and Mandy are seen on a date together at the smoothie shop. Mandy started to tease Eric by giving him a brain freeze and fed him super heated plasma from the center of the sun. When they got home, Maxum-Brain and Cindy Struction were angrily waiting for them, because they found out they were dating. They forced them to break up.  Eric, however was not about to give up yet. He snuck into Mandy's coming out party. The couple attempted to make peace with the good and evil sides, but everyone declined the offer. They snuck into XOX's lair and pretended to freeze themselves. This made everyone cry and believe that good and evil could get along. When they saw that they weren't frozen, everybody was enraged and then went back to hating them again. 


  • Both are from different sides of town.
  • This relationship is similar to Romeo and Juliet and the couple on "American Dragon: Jake Long", Jake and Rose.