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Crud Burger
Crud Burger.png

CAN. Airdate

October 16th, 2010

U.S Airdate

June 22nd, 2011


Micheal Decsi


Joey So

Storyboard Artist(s)

No information


Ben Joseph


Master Xox

Paired with/Previous:

Eric Squared


The Bogey Man


Eric and Trevor are tired of constantly being embarrassed publicly. They believe their break finally comes after seeing a commercial for the legendary Crudburger Triple Slam, which is a cheese burger that has been cursed in the Demon Dimension and smothered in diesel-flavored barbeque sauce. Considering the Crudburger restaurant is located on the evil side of town, only the popular students would dare eat a Crudburger Triple Slam. To prove their worth and gain popularity amongst their peers, Eric and Trevor decide to skip class so they may travel to the evil side of town and buy some Crudburgers. Before they leave, Eric and Trevor ask Vana and Kitty to cover for them while they are gone. Professor Pamplemoose over hears their plans. Not wanting to spoil his perfect student attendance record, Professor Pamplemoose vows to bring them back. Eric and Trevor barely survive crossing through the good side of town, only to realize that the evil side is much worse. Little do they know, Master Xox has spotted them and wants to destroy them.

Meanwhile, back at the Sidekick academy, Vana and Kitty create robotic decoys of Trevor and Eric. Within seconds, the decoys become unexpectedly popular with the students, much to the surprise of the girls.

As Eric and Trevor make their way to the Crudburger, they are constantly being pursued by both Master Xox and Professor Pamplemoose. Master Xox’s multiple attempts to destroy Eric and Trevor incidentally backfire on Professor Pamplemoose. As a last attempt to destroy Eric and Trevor, Master Xox tries to shoot them with a laser but cannot spot them from his oversized tank. The boys seek shelter in a nearby building, as Master Xox and Professor Pamplemoose have a standoff over who gets to attack Eric and Trevor. Luckily for the sidekicks, the building they had sought shelter in is actually the Crudburger joint.

Vana is jealous of the Trevor and Eric decoys because of their increasing popularity. She convinces Kitty to join her in stopping the decoys from becoming any more popular.

After buying a few Crudburgers to go, Eric and Trevor start making their way back to school. They are excited to show their fellow peers their burgers but Professor Pamplemoose vaporizes the burgers and brings the boys back to school. Eric and Trevor notice that their decoys have successfully made them popular. This moment is short lived thanks to Kitty and Vana as they cause the pants on the decoys to fall down, revealing the decoys' underwear. Eric and Trevor stand in front of the school embarrassed when their pants fall down as well. To add to the humiliation, a camera records Eric and Trevor and transmits their embarrassment all over the city.


Main Roles

  • Eric Needles
  • Trevor Trublemeyer
  • Pamplemoose
  • Master XOX

Minor Roles

  • Kitty Ko
  • Vana Glama







Sidekick Episode 8b - Crudburger