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Allan Amazing is the pretty-boy student at the Sidekick Academy and makes his first appearance in the episode "News at 11 Am".


Allan is quite handsome, and instantly infatuates any guy or girl in his presence. His looks are so good, that he is even able to distract Trevor from Eric for the entire episode of "News at 11 Am", as seen when he enthusiastically introduces Allan during the opening news but is devoid of any enthusiasm while introducing Eric, simply saying "...and Eric". He is able to fix his hair and clothes after any amount of damage it has sustained with a simple stroke of his hand. He has blue eyes, slick black hair, a tan complexion, a beauty mark, has a unique foreign accent and is also incredibly well-built with defined muscles all over his upper body.


On the surface, Allan appears to be a nice, handsome, and all-around perfect person. But underneath this, Allan is a vindictive, manipulative, and selfish person. He uses his charm, good looks, and flattery to get people to like him, while his aggression and threats are used to intimidate and eliminate any competition. Because of his good looks and personality, Allan is obsessed with his own popularity and perfection, and becomes violent whenever someone or something threatens that. He often rips his shirt in rage.



  • In the Spanish dub, he is Italian.
  • In the Japanese dub, he is Filipino.
  • Alann seems to have a habit of ripping his shirt when he gets really angry, showing his abs.
  • In Eric Amazing, we found out that it takes Allan 5 hours to look/become "amazing".