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Alien Transformation is the first pilot episode of Sidekick.


Eric and Trevor try to find out the secret behind Professor Pamplemoose.


The episode begins with Pamplemoose giving a lesson to the students of the class. He explains to them that there is a problem that faces many sidekicks and that is losing the ability to breathe. He asks them what they can do in case that happens to them. Trevor raises his hand and Pamplemoose puts his hand on his face and sighs a growly sigh. Then he says "Yes, Trevor?" Trevor says "Dude, I'm having trouble breathing. Can you please help me with that?" Then Pamplemoose says. "Oh, so close. But wrong." In a sarcastic special form of way. Then he calls on someone who is a bit smarter. Then, Trevor backs back down below the desk in shame. He then calls on Vana who is at her desk doing a perfect interpretation of someone choking and dying on the table. Pamplemoose congratulates her on how well she did until Kitty points out that she actually was choking and dying. Pamplemoose lowers down his pointed up finger, sinks and goes "Ooooh ..." but then he quickly drops it and says that he was planning on killing her anyway ever since the first day of school. Then, he passes out the tests to the students where they see their grades. Trevor gets an "F" on his test and he angrily denies that he deserved that even though he clearly did. He blames it on a so called "grudge" Pamplemoose has toward him. Eric tells him the truth, letting him know that it was his lack of responsibility that caused him to fail. Trevor tells him that he is very responsible because he takes care of the class fish. The screen then cuts to the dead fish floating in a very dirty tank. Trevor still denies this. Eric asks him how he's going to explain his grade to his father and then he has the smart idea to use a marker to change his "F" into an "E" which Eric think is completely ridiculous. Trevor then plans to dig up some dirt about Pamplemoose because he knows that he has it in for him and Eric, for some reason, goes along with his plan. They hide in the classroom and stay after school. They look through Pamplemoose's desk and they find a picture of Pamplemoose from the past, shaking hands with Martin Troublemeyer, Trevor's father. They make fun of Pamplemoose being young and then Trevor assumes that his dad is really him in the future and thinks that he is a time traveler. Just then, the lights turn on and Pamplemoose comes into the room, finding them. Pamplemoose implies that what Trevor said is right and lashes out at him for what he did. Eric still doesn't believe this though. He tells Pamplemoose that Trevor is actually Martin's son. Pamplemoose realizes his mistake but still knows for a fact that Martin is out to kill him. Eric questions this. Pamplemoose explains the tragic tale of how he came to be the disgusting, oger looking, crippled creature in a hover chair he is today. It was all because of Martin, cueing a flashback. The flashback shows that the two of them used to be the best of friends in college but Martin still did some horrible things for some reason. It shows that when working on a science experiment, Martin made an acid that killed a flower. Then, he decided to pull a vile prank. While Pamplemoose was hitting on a girl, he used it on his hand which burned it and made him scream and run around in terror. Then, Martin swooped in and stole her from him. This is the reason for his robotic hand. The next thing he did was make a giant laser invention and test it out on a trusting Pamplemoose who got his eye shot out and it gave him an eyepatch. Next, he tested out his rocket boots in him which tore his legs off and gave him a hiver chair. At the end of college, Pamplemoose was miserable and Martin graduated and got married to the girl from earlier. Pamplemoose swore he would get revenge on him. After the flashback, Eric feels sorry for Pamplemoose and Trevor expresses his shock by waving his arms, accidentally hitting a lever which drops a giant machine from the ceiling, crushing Pamplemoose. The two of them run for their lives and the episode ends.



Pamplemoose back when he was normal.

  • In the flashback, Mr. Troublemeyer got married to a girl. It may be possible that this girl is Trevor's mom.
  • Also in the flashback, Pamplemoose was similar to Eric and Mr. Troublemeyer was similar to Trevor.
  • Pamplemoose holding up a sign that said "Me no likey" is a reference to Road Runner.