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"A XOX for Good" is the second segment of the forty-seventh episode of the third season of Sidekick.


XOX reveals a universe with good villains and bad heroes.


Major characters

Minor characters



  • Near the end of the episode, Evil Eric decides to abandon the idea of dominating the alternate world for being humiliated in his universe.
  • It is revealed that the other universe is opposed to the world that the villains (heroes evil) are the dominant side and heroes (good villains) are the lesser group.
  • Despite what IMDb said, Carlos Alazraqui (who voiced Lazlo on Camp Lazlo! and Rocko on Rocko's Modern Life) did not actually provide any voices for this episode or any other Sidekick episode, making IMDb's information false.
    • Meaning that not even Juandissimo of the Fairly OddParents made an appearace in this or any episode of Sidekick whatsoever.



Sidekick Episode 47b - A XOX for Good